Student ID Card

Student ID Card

Where can I use Student ID card?

Every student will be issued a Student ID card. Student id card is multipurpose card and establishes your identity in the linstitution as a student. It shall be used for all purposes including library, transport, examination and for other identity purposes. Students must carry Student ID card with them during their stay in the campus & while boarding the transport.

What happen if I am found without Student ID card on Campus?

Student found without the ID card shall not be allowed to use any facility of the institute and shall be penalized as per the offence.

What if I loose my Student ID card?

Loss of the card should be immediately reported to the below given details.

Mr. Navdeep Joshi
System Analyst, CSE Department
Phone: +91 80546 17013

New card will be issued after depositing amount of Rs. 100/- at account office and submitting the receipt to Mr. Navdeep Joshi.

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