Evolute in North West Group of Institutes

Evolute approach is a mix of best practices from the Western School of Thought to the Eastern School of Wisdom, our focus is predominantly on evaluating skills, building them and the golden rule of skill building is to do & learn.

We also do a pre assessment and analysis of the student's current skill set, which helps us set the tone & tempo of the modules.

Hence all our methodology & processes are around practicing to develop skill rather than transferring knowledge and amalgamated with the detailed assessment report creates that wholesome experience of education.

At Northwest Evolute has conducted wide array of programs:

Evolute 1.0

The EVOLUTE program was custom designed for the students of the institution. The program focused on communication, behavioral training and technical training for Cs & IT students and our focus was on skill improvement.

Students were subjected to various module as follows:

For Technical Students:

• Pre-Assessments
• Classroom Sessions
• Sound Articulation
• Student Presentations and Group Discussions
• Body Communication etc.

• Programing in C++
• Algorithms
• Data Structures

Overall students showed a very positive change in their confidence level and behavior towards learning. Technical students also exhibited great improvement in their programming and problem analyzing skills.

Evolute 2.0

It was a combination of various experiences from Life Journeys, to specific skills like teaching & literary skills like debating. This time Evolute had students from a very different culture joining us (Manipur).

Our Focus in Evolute 2.0

We came with 4 different programs and the response to these were different as the participants were from different engineering & management disciplines.

Below is a brief summary of the same:

Paathshala – How to be a Teacher?

A majority of the students who chose this program are aspiring teachers/trainers and the concepts implemented about learning psychology & student behaviour were very well received.

The students then went to the Govt. Senior Secondary School, Mehna and got an opportunity to implement what they learnt.

This contributed immensely towards skill building & shaping their career in the education sector.


This program got a mixed response as some students enjoyed the opportunity of expressing their views & also increasing their awareness about current affairs. Debating is a developing culture in North West & based on the response we got, we feel that literary events will take time to catch up as compared to gidda, bhangra & other culturally vibrant activities. Irrespective, we intend to conduct more literary activities in the upcoming Evolute programs and continue efforts in this direction.

Drama – Personality Development through Theatre

Our focus this time in this program along with confidence building was to help bridge the gap between the Manipuri & Punjabi students, at the same time give 1st & 2nd years an opportunity to express their talent.

The Manipuri students are inherently a little shy & will take time to get comfortable with the new environment & people. The Manipuri boys made efforts & their interpersonal skills did show considerable improvemnts.

Like last time this program culminated into a Nukkad Natak performance which announced the dawn of a new culture in North West!

Life Journey – Out of College Learning Experience

For the first time a week long learning immersion was designed & the students were taken to remote parts of Udaipur & Jaipur on a learning adventure. They were mentored by gifted individuals who are considered as great social leaders of India. Needless to mention, the program was received very well & the change in the students after the program was evident!

Other Events

Robotics and Embedded Systems Training (March 2015)

During Evolute 2.0 we conducted various events, some on student’s request and some to enhance their learning under our training programs.

Evolute conducted an extensive training program in the field of Robotics and Embedded systems. The program was devised for students to implement various applications of the theatrical knowledge that have gained over the engineering semesters (ECE/CS/Mech). Teams came up with very innovative projects and the program was a great success.


Students were taught about

• Basics of Robotics
• PCB Designing
• Atmega
• 8051 Micro Controller
• Various Sensors and Motors

Some of the Project Highlights

• Motion Detection Camera
• Hybrid Chimney
• LED Cube

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