NWGOI College Alumini

NWGOI College Alumini

Successful alumni are the best measure of our ability to prepare our students for rewarding careers in the professional fields.

The happy memorable moments of the genuine feelings of the time spent with the classmates and friends; the bonds built with the teachers during the exchange of knowledge and the decisive turns of the challenges and the dreams woven in the colorful environment of the institute, which enlightens caresses and kindles a yearning in each and every happy or sad moment of the ongoing life. In this initial step of the alumni, the NWGOI shall feel highly obliged by the constructive co-operation, the valuable suggestions and befitting contribution of each old student.

NWGOI has produced leaders, entrepreneurs, engineers who collectively have a wealth of knowledge and experience. This collective excellence is our contribution to the growing generation, the Institute and the society as a whole. Aims and Objectives Alumni association aims to strengthen the connections between alumni, enhance ties to their alma mater, and provide services to alumni to foster individual growth. Our Alumnus are performing extremely well at various places and positions. The basic Goals to achieve and those are impossible without your involvement.

• To inspire alumini to enhance the leadership of the Institute and stay connected.
• To provide a focal point of contact among alumini to interact and network with each other
• To provide a forum for the alumini of the institute for exchange of ideas and views on educational, cultural, social and academic problems of the day.
• To award the deserving alumini for their significant achievements / contributions
• To utilize the services of the Alumini for the placement of passing out students
• To promote opportunities for the old students to retain associations with each other as well as the institute.
• To invite suggestions of alumini to improve the contents of course curricula of various departments.
• To have their feedback on raising the academic standards of the NWGOI.
• To do all other acts in furtherance of the objects of the association.

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