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B.Tech Civil Engineering
B. Tech Computer Science & Engineering
B. Tech Elect. & Communication Engg.
B. Tech Mechnical Engineering
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Commerce (Professional)
Bachelor of Computer Application
Diploma Civil Engineering
Diploma Computer Engineering
Diploma Elect. & Communication Engg
Diploma Mechanical Engineering
M. Tech Computer Science & Engineering
M. Tech Mechnical Engineering
Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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13. Declaration & Undertaking

I hereby solemnly declare and undertake that the information furnished by me is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and I shall be personally responsible for any incorrect/wrong information. I further declare that I shall fully abide by the existing rules and regulations and to be enforced in future by PTU and the Institute authorities pertaining to general behavior and conduct, class room, attendance, assignments, labs and workshops work, house & annual examinations and extra-curricular activities. I also agree not to participate in & organize any strike rallies/demonstration. I solemnly declare that I am neither a drug-addict nor I shall even use drugs, intoxicants or other psychotropic substances. It is further stated that I have never been convicted for any criminal offence by any court & there is not pending any such case against me in any law court. I understand that the concerned authorities may initiate disciplinary action against me if I am found violating the rules & regulations and if any of the above declaration is false. I fully understand that if I fall short of 75% of attendance in any subject in the university final examinations I may be detailed appear in the said subject as per PTU guidelines.

Date: March 21, 2018
Signature of the Student  

14. Parents/Guardian's Undertaking

I hereby declare that;

• The information furnished by my ward in this application form is correct to the best of my knowledge.

• I undertake upon myself to pay on behalf of my ward such fees, charges etc. to college in due date and in the event of failure on the part of my ward, the Principal of the College may take such action against my ward as he may deem fit.

• I have read all the rules of admission and rules of college and declaration of my Son/ Daughter/ Ward above and I undertake to ensure that my ward will abide by the rules and regulations of college. I also accept responsibility of inquiring periodically the attendance and progress of Son / Daughter/Ward.

• I also declare that any action taken by the Management for any infringement of the rules of conduct, discipline and attendance will be accepted by me.

• I fully understand that if my Son/Daughterfall short of 75% of attendance in any subject than He/She may not be allowed to appearin the university final examination as per PTU guidelines.

Signature of the Parent / Guardian  
Full Name:
Date: March 21, 2018

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